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About Mission To Health

Mission To Health, LLC was founded in 2015 by Tonja Williams, RN/BSN, FCN, in an effort to inspire individuals to live healthier lifestyles by increasing physical activity and respecting the body as the temple of the holy spirit. Shortly after launching Mission to Health, Tonja was blissfully joined in marriage to Lavon Williams, CEO/Founder of Medic Central. The union bought about a lucrative business partnership leading to the expansion of Mission to Health to include CPR, First Aid, and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen training.

The company strives to help individuals make the faith connection in living healthier life styles. Zumba fitness, health education and CPR training are conducted at your location creating the ultimate fitness and learning experience. Classes are facilitated by qualified Christian instructors who motivate participants to achieve personal goals. Programs are fun, inclusive and designed to meet the specific needs of various age groups, fitness levels and learning styles.

Our training site is aligned with the regional American Heart Training Center IPCTC.

Charitable Initiatives

Mission To Health is dedicated to fundraising efforts that benefit those suffering with debilitating illnesses and the less fortunate. Since inception Mission To Health has raised funds through annual Zumbathon charity events and made generous contributions to worthy causes for Alzheimer support and research, breast cancer prevention and screening, Chiari Malformation, Myositis, as well as back to school and Christmas sponsorships for needy children in Peru.

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